Hsu, Chia-Wei

許家維 Composer/Producer 配樂師/製作人

(This music is composed by Triodust, and mastered by Hsu Chia-Wei.)


Hsu is working with Taiwanese indie game developer SIGONO as a sound designer in creating narrative driven game. OPUS: Rocket of Whispers is Hsu's first involvement, a collaboration with another composer 空氣載體 Triodust. The game has won The Best Narration in Taipei Game Show Indie Game Awards. The soundtrack is made by 空氣載體 Triodust, mastered by Hsu. Beside music, Hsu has created the soundscape for this game.

許家維與台灣獨立遊戲開發商SIGONO擔任聲音設計,創造敘事導向的遊戲。 OPUS:Whispers火箭是許家維第一次參與的計畫,並且與另一位作曲家空氣載體Triodust合作。這個遊戲贏得了台北遊戲獨立遊戲獎最佳敘述獎。 這個配樂由空氣載體所譜寫的配樂最後交由許家維做母帶後期處理。音樂之外,許家維也為此遊戲創造沉浸式音景。